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Sunday, August 23, 2009

SuperHappyDevHouse 34 Interviews, Part One

Interviews with programmers and hardware hackers from SuperHappyDevHouse 34.

Joel Franusic
introduces SuperHappyDevHouse and talks about how he learned programming from his dad, an embedded systems engineer. Joshua Neal shows an LED connected to an Arduino board. Jens Andersson shows a program, Colors!, for drawing on the Nintendo DS. Otavio Good shows a polar bear drawing he made using that program. Steve Okay shows an Arduino-controlled robot he built, and describes being inspired by the movie Tron to stay up all night and make a light cycle game. Ben McGraw talks about programming role playing games. Caroline Ratajski talks about how she started at age 9 with a BASIC text game, then learned web development and networking, and continued with a formal computer science education leading to her current work in communications signals analysis.

More interviews follow in part two.